When will  The Maxwell open?

We're projected to be open by the end of 2020. As the construction process can often be unpredictable, we'll share a more concrete timeline with official dates as soon as possible.
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When can I book my event?

We estimate  taking bookings for Spring 2021 beginning early 2020.  Once we have a better idea of building + construction timelines we will formally announce that we are accepting bookings. 

What are the rental rates?

Rental rates vary by the day of the week and season, ranging from $2,000 - $7,500. Our rates include full day use with access from 11:00 am until midnight along with dozens of additional amenities! 
 Inquire with us for more details!

Will  The Maxwell provide alcohol?

We will apply for an ABC liquor license to provide alcoholic beverages for all of our events. We will offer a range of per person bar package options.  

Will  The Maxwell provide food  for my event?

While we won't provide catering, we will have a full list of exceptional caterers for you to choose from. This way you'll be able to customize your menu based on your budget and preferences.

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